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“My newborn was not gaining weight and by 6 weeks he was still under his birth weight of 10 lbs. My midwife suggested I take him to a chiropractor, so my friend recommended Gindele Family Chiropractic, so I took him and his jaw was out of place, so he couldn’t latch right, so we went 3 times a week to see Dr. Brie and within 2 weeks he was gaining weight!” ~ Mrs. Brauch

“Myself and my children (newborn, 2yrs & 4yrs & 6 yrs) love going! Recently my 4 yr old had a bad uti w/ fever and Dr.Brie adjusted her and let us know that her fever would most likely spike that evening and then drop. It did exactly as she said it would. Fever spiked to 104 and then dropped to 99 and was gone completely by the next day! Dr Nate helped get my baby to turn from breech to head down and avoid a repeat cesarean as well. Both are amazing, kind and very helpful! Totally would recommend them! OH and I almost forgot…my newborn hadn’t pooped in 4-5 days and after being adjusted by Dr.Brie she had a bowel movement and has been going normal ever since!” ~ Alyssa LaGreca

“I have had back problems for many years dating back to my college days. I have gone to several chiropractors and one for the past 20 years and was to the point of not wanting manual manipulations any longer thinking I possibly had a disc problem. After a chair massage at work, compliments of Dr. Brie and Dr. Nate’s massage therapists, I asked and had many questions answered. When I found out they used an activator and I could get a massage with my chiropractic treatments I was thrilled. So, I made an appointment and to my relief I did not have a disc problem and only needed an adjustment. Well, with a massage first and then the adjustment that makes all the difference in the world in keeping my back in the best condition possible it feels so good! It just makes so much sense to have the muscles massaged and loosened to make the adjustment easier. If I only had an adjustment and did not get the massage in conjunction it makes sense that tight muscles would pull on the spine and it would get misaligned again more easily. With the Chiropractors and Massage Therapist working together – that is a huge plus!

Then I was having another problem and had been seeing 2 doctors and was not happy with the results nor the medicine. When I told both Dr. Nate and Dr. Brie they suggested manipulation with the activator and a natural supplement. After 8 months with doctors and self medicating as well, I still was not better. But after just 2 adjustments and supplements for 3 weeks it fixed the problem. No more medicine, not even the natural supplement, as it got my body back to functioning in its natural state. Thank you Dr. Brie and Dr. Nate! I am so grateful to you for that. You guys are the best!

~Patti (57), Ft. Myers

“Resulting from a serious car accident and a subsequent fall, I suffered 12 years of daily headaches, neck and lower back pain, and pending
hip surgery. Pain medications and massage just weren’t making a difference; I decided to overcome my trepidation of Chiropractors and give it a go. Beginning with my first treatment, I was amazed at how gentle and painless the adjustments were and how effective. I left Dr. Gindele’s office without a headache for the first time in 12 years without pain medication. I actually gained a full inch height after my first visit, I was completely crooked!

Now after only three weeks, my headaches, shoulder tension and neck pain have been alleviated. With the adjustments to my lower back, my hip no longer hurts and I can sit and stand considerably longer without pain. With every visit I have noticeable improvement and will be a client as long as they will let me. I wish I had found someone like Gindele Family Chiropractic years ago, but I am eternally grateful to have found them at all. I recommend Drs. Gindele to everyone I know and meet, I am sold on Chiropractic.”

~ Mindy (39), Ft. Myers

” I had been experiencing numbness and tingling in my arms and hands for about 2 months. I also had pain in my upper back and shoulders. The pain was more evident at night and made sleeping difficult. I began Chiropractic treatment, and after 3 visits the pain and numbness began to go away. Now after about 10 visits, the pain and discomfort is almost totally been relieved. I feel back to normal and well again.

I am a big believer in a more natural, less invasive treatment therapy. I certainly prefer this type of treatment vs. injections and medications when possible. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Gindele to a friend or relative.”

~ Brian (57), Ft. Myers

“Thanks to bi-weekly visit to GFC I am able to play Basketball like I am still in High School, Not to mention how much it has helped my Golf game!! Thanks Dr. Gindele.”

~ Matt (27), Cape Coral

“I developed a limp over 6-8 months ago due to a problem in my right hip, and it was getting progressively worse. I saw improvement starting with my first visit, and although it took awhile, I am about 90% and continue to improve. Regular visits have kept a small problem from becoming a serious problem! I strongly recommend Dr. Gindele to friends and relatives!”

~ Robert (64), Naples

“I used to have back pain that wouldn’t quit when I sat at my desk but now I can sit for long periods of time pain free — feels great and I sleep a lot better, and I didn’t think I had a problem there, but it’s better.

If seeing Dr. Gindele on a regular basis is what it takes to keep me feeling this good, it’s a small price to pay and I am willing to do it to work and play pain free. I would recommend him to everyone.”

~ Caleen (50), Ft. Myers