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Hi! My name is Kirsten, and I was born and raised here in Fort Myers. I have a big soft spot for my two horses Bootie and Bugatti. I have rode horses and rodeo all my life. In my free time I love going to barrel races with my mom, going to concerts with my closest friends and line dancing on Wednesday’s at the ranch! I have a passion for horses and making them feel their best. I am currently working towards my bachelor’s degree at FSW majoring in Biology. I plan to go the National University of Health Sciences in St Petersburg Florida and to obtain my chiropractic degree so I can then become a certified Equine Chiropractor and Massage Therapist. Chiropractic works for far more than just people! Seeing the impact that Dr. Nate and the other doctors make on patient’s lives is such an amazing and inspiring thing to see and be a part of.