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Immune System Support

Several ways to prevent sickness and promote wellness

Do you ever wonder why it is that when the flu, colds, or other illnesses are going around there are always some people in your office, school or even home that don’t “catch” it?  How could that be?  The answer is simple.  Immune system health.  When the body’s immune system is optimally functioning it can ward off any foreign organisms that cause dis-ease or illnesses.

The Immune system, although a highly complex system, is fairly simple to control and maintain without much assistance.  It comes down to simply prevention and wellness care.  You will see that I talk about preventative and wellness care a lot throughout my articles.  This is the basis of what health care should truly be about.  Versus the “sick” care idea that is unfortunately what we as a society are getting currently.  In today’s society, the way that our healthcare is taken care of usually consists of someone not feeling well, going to their primary care physician or a walk-in clinic, getting a prescription for something which relieves the symptoms.  You are sick, you seek medical attention reversely it should be that you go in for check-ups to ensure you are maintaining your wellness status of health care, and we utilize medicines when absolutely needed, for true sickness or emergency situations.

The immune system is made up primarily of your white blood cells that work as your primary line of defense against foreign organisms.  If you are eating unhealthy foods, living a sedentary lifestyle, not allowing yourself proper sleep, and living with emotional and chemical stressors, your immune system cannot function at 100%.  The first step would be to start taking control of your own health by decreasing your chemical stressors such as cigarette smoking, alcohol and toxins around you, be it in your make-up, cleaners or other products.  Next, you can slow down your life by doing what you can, to control your emotional stressors, believe it or not, this can make a pretty big impact on your immune system health.  Get up and get out!  That’s right, even a ten minute walk in the morning or in the evening can make a difference.  You are what you eat.  Your body utilizes the vitamins and minerals made up from the foods and beverages you choose to put into your body.  If you are choosing unhealthy options, you aren’t giving your body the advantage to function optimally with quality foods that it uses to function your brain, immune system, blood stream, nervous system, organs, cells and tissues.  Hydrate!  Water is your friend!

Lastly would be to understand that your immune system is one part of the complex matrix that is your body.  Your immune system is ultimately controlled by your central nervous system.  If your brain cannot get the needed messages to every area of your body; eyes, lungs, stomach, fingers, arteries or even skin then they will conversely react and malfunction as a result.  The brain sends these important messages to the body through the spinal cord and out the vertebral column.  That simple.  If there is any interference in this communication, the result is dysfunction.  The organs, tissues or cells directly related to that effected area will either function below or above normal, which is when we start feeling symptoms, such as pain, indigestion, and sleeplessness to name a few.

Don’t wait, stop procrastinating, for there is no time better than now, to take back control of your health, make smart choices and start living a more active health conscious lifestyle this summer season!

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