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If you bought a brand-new car in your twenties and were told it would be the only car you will be allowed to have during your driving days…would you take care of that car?  Would you put cheap gas in the car and expect the engine to run smoothly forever?   I would expect your answer to be no.  So, why do we put food (gas) in our one and only bodies that will not allow us to ” run” at our greatest potential?   Do you park the car in the garage to take care of the, interior and the paint?  Do you park so no one will ding your car?  We need to really stop and think about how we are taking care of of bodies…we truly need them to last us a lifetime.

There is no shortcut to taking care of your body.  You can’t just sit on the couch and expect a “movable belt” will give you strong abs.  You must put in some effort.   Weight bearing exercise provides a multitude of benefits to our bodies not the least of which is that the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn while you are resting.  This is the closest you will get to your body working for you while you’re watching TV.  Posture is a great way to look leaner instantly.  But as we age in order to maintain a great posture we need to strengthen the muscles that surround the spine and the abdominal muscle must be strong to act as girdle to our mid-section.  This is not accomplished by 100’s of old fashioned sit ups.  This is accomplished by circuit training were you recruit many muscles at one time.

Remember you only have one body,  take care of your body and allow it a chance to take care of you.

BY: Terry & Wil Rivera

Wilfred Rivera:  18 years training experience
NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
Ex World Class Powerlifter
Specializes in Sports Training for Speed, Strength and Agility

Terry-Jo Myers Rivera:
Retired LPGA Tour Champion, 3 time winner
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Specializes in Strength and Flexibility Training for Golfers

Together at Evolution X we specialize in circuit and cross training for individuals  who want to get in shape for the first time or back in shape after a layoff.  Our training is geared to get you motivated to live an overall healthy lifestyle.   This is accomplished with unique training techniques and equipment that you won’t find in most gyms.  You will get a total body workout every session.    Our goal is to leave you inspired and motivated to take care of the one and only body you have.

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