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Build Your Immune System This School Year!

August was the month everyone went back to school and resumed normal schedules.

This means we are more susceptible to contracting illness when in these types of social settings. So we decided for the month of September to address the best ways to stay healthy this school year.

  • Proper rest is very important. As we know it is very important for kids to have scheduled bedtimes, in order to keep them well rested; promote alertness, good behavior and allow their Immune system do its job appropriate amount of sleep is essential, and allow their immune system do its job.The following chart will help determine appropriate sleep schedules for everyone in your home:
  • Immune Boosting & Prevention. It is recommended boosting as soon as possible to get ahead of the sick season. Getting the kids out to the park & into the open air and sunshine is important for the body. Increasing Oxygen via activity is a great way to support the immune system in addition to supplementation.

    Recommended Daily Immune Boost regimen:

  • Cod/Tuna Liver Oil (or other omega fatty acid/DHA)- Cod liver oil contains Vitamins A and D as well as Omega 3’s which helps the body heal and knock out virus’s and inflammation.
  • Vitamin C- This is an essential vitamin, our body doesn’t make on its own. Used for wound healing, repair and maintains health of bones and teeth and iron absorption mostly known as an antioxidant
  • Whole Food sourced Multivitamin- We carry a chewable multivitamin by Standard Process called Catalyn. Since we have a hard time balancing our meals daily, a quality multi can supplement those dietary deficiencies.
  • Rotating a probiotic & Fermented Foods- Probiotics keep the intestinal lining strong and secure, to fight against pathogen attacks. Fermented foods that are probiotic rich are a good source as well (ex: Sauerkraut,  kimchi, and pickles)

Recommendations for when a bug is coming on or something is going around:

  • Elderberry Syrup- Elderberries are powerful virus killers and immune boosters, although caution the sugar content is high.
  • Boost Vitamin C intake- Recommend doubling the normal dosage of Vitamin C until the symptoms subside.
  • Chiropractic- Getting adjusted regularly on a maintenance schedule will help keep the immune system at the ready.  Likewise, being adjusted at the onset of an illness will help the recovering process.  Not only at the sign of illness are adjustments important, also wellness visits to ensure the immune functions and organ systems are working properly.
  • Calcium for fevers- 1000 mg/Hour up to 3 doses no more than 2 days.
  • Echinacea
  • Congaplex
  • Essential Oils- Germ targeted essential oils are helpful to diffuse when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Germ targeted essential oils should not be used regularly, rather during high-risk times such as the beginning of school year & holidays. A few recommended germ targeted oils are lavender, lemon, and Marjoram
  • Last but certainly not least Nourishing meals are very important. Removing sugar and processed foods from you & your families’ diet should be a priority including nutrient dense items that offer nutritional value 100% of the time. Some examples of nutrient dense items would be lots of bone broth, good fats like avocados, unlimited green vegetables, wild caught salmon, seeds & nuts, and immune boosting smoothies


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