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Back To School – Backpack ready?

Having the correct backpack is vital to your childs success this upcoming school year. Although it is very tempting, especially in todays economy, to go for the value bag, you must remember your childs spine and posture are depending on a quality pack.

Make sure that the pack, whether it is Batman, Justin Bieber or Northface it has the following features in order to ensure your child’s back, spine and posture are all in check:

  • ~ Two wide (2’+) straps
  • ~ Padded straps
  • ~ Lumbar support
  • ~ Bag sits just above the buttocks along the small of the low back
  • ~ Weight does not exceed 15% of their body weight
  • ~ Bag is carried on both shoulders, vs. one strap on one shoulder

Although this may seem trivial, just remember that the choices you and your child make now will effect the rest of their lives. Postural instability does not happen overnight. Some postural abnormalities that could result from the long term incorrect use of a backpack along with the abnormal sitting postures of the classroom are, but not limited to, forward head carriage, a high shoulder or hip, and over eggagerated curve of the lumber spine (low back).

It is recommended that children from age birth on get chiropractic checks monthly in order to ensure proper alignment as well as full nervous system function. We are here to help. It is just as safe and normal practice for children to be adjusted as any adult. Adjustments are fantastic preventative tools, so don’t let back pain be the only thing that brings your family in. Being proactive in keeping your spine in line will help to prevent any occurrences of aches and pains, or worse.

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