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8 Day Detox & Weight Loss Journey with Dr. Brie

Day 1 : 11/13/2012

The Xyngular “Ignite” program is what I’ve ventured into.  A little background, I have two children. Was always in athletic shape. Since having my two children, between pregnancies, owning our own business, chasing after them, feeding them, nursing them, etc. I have managed to put on a few… okay more than a few… unwanted pounds.

I’ve been very excited to find a cleansing/detox that I will also be encouraged to drop a few pounds as soon as my daughter finished nursing.  She is done, and it was time!  We (my husband and I) have researched other cleanses, detoxes. All great!   This particular one peaked my interest for two main reasons.
1. The main part of the program is only 8 days, you can still eat, it is natural products and 8 days is totally feasible.
2. A friend of mine who is from my home town introduced me to this program. I’ve known her for years now and I’ve always thought she was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known. She had gained unwanted pounds herself and found this program and got results. She is back to her totally bodacious self (not that she wasn’t beautiful with a few extra pounds) and that right there, had me.  She looks GREAT!

So, My day one of this program went much better than I expected. I woke up took my first little tablet. About an hour later I had a shake. THIS is the part I dreaded. I HATE HATE HATE protein shakes.  I was able to add a few ounces of the yummy antioxidant berry flavored drink to my vanilla shake.  Very enjoyable. I honestly can say, I like the shakes!  My mid-morning snack was a tuna packet WITH  sprinkles of the cheat calorie control food sprinkle of course! Shake again with supplements for lunch, afternoon snack was 6 oz. of Turkey.  I felt a little tired, so I had another Xyng, which is for energy.

Dinner was another shake. I must admit I was HUNGRY before bed. Being hungry though, made me realize how much I had been over eating!  I caught myself several times throughout the day going to something off my kids plates or other empty calories.

Day one. COMPLETE and happy to go into day 2!!
Dr. Brie Gindele

Day 2: 11/14/2012

Today I woke up and felt very good and ready to go! No headache! Yay, quite honestly I was very afraid of a headache, since I am a serious coffee drinker.  The day flew by. Had my protein snacks, happy to have them by the way.

By late morning I have to say I did experience a strange feeling. I felt like I wanted to cry, for no reason. But at the same time I was energized and in a good mood. If that makes any sense. I chalked it up to the change in my body chemistry.

Detoxing effects every organ in your body and therefore your physiology. Which in turn will effect your hormonal balance, immune system, etc. i.e. OVERALL HEALTH. The confusion I felt in the morning was odd, but a side effect I welcomed over a headache.

After my dinner shake I admit that I weighed myself. I was so curious how only 2 days of the program would effect me. 4 pounds! Thats right 4 pounds down! WHOO HOO!!!
Dr. Brie Gindele

Day 3: 11/15/2012

YAY! Wake up knowing I get to have a healthy meal today. So great!  Figuring out what to wear, I knew I was 4 pounds down, so I grabbed a pair of jeans that have been snug and me and … aaaaaahhhhhhh, nicely fitting! AT LAST! In only 2 days my clothes are fitting so much more comfortably. THANK THE LORD.

I jumped on the scale yet again… think this may be an obsession.. and 1 more pound down. Love how the body works in your favor in your sleep. 5 pounds total. Loving it.

Absolutely crazy morning in the office and I never had the opportunity to sneak away for a  protein am snack.

I chose a 6″ subway sub for my “healthy lunch” since I was on the run. I know this isn’t the healthiest of choices, but it was in a good calorie range and the lowest sodium choice I could find as far as a quick grab.  Planning better for day 5 lunch!

Dinner I am having chicken.  I think I can have salad with veggies, I’m double checking that as soon as I publish this post. Looking forward to it, but honestly, I am doing really good in tiny portions and shakes. I am not missing big heavy meals at all.

One thing I am missing…. glass of wine 🙁 .  Big girl panties on.  IM DOING THIS!

Until tomorrow…. wish me luck. OH and I took pre-pics and measurements, etc. I plan to post the pre and post pics together. So excited! Tomorrow is half way point. This is a breeze!!

Dr. Brie Gindele

Day 4: 11/16/2012

Today I had a full day of a Dr.’s seminar from 8-5. This made sticking with the program a lot easier. It is a non-eat day so even easier!  Packed my protein snacks in a lunch box and off I went.

I had a lot of energy today.  When someone was asking me why the heck I was putting more salt (CHEAT) on my jerky, I explained the program and was glad to share that I had more than my regular amount of energy.

6 pounds down!

Day 5: 11/17/2012

Hardest day yet. Not because of hunger, headaches, anything like that. Because of yet again being at a convention on an eat day.  It is really hard for me to find a “healthy meal” between 500-600 calories. Most places don’t give you that information. I wish we’d have been given specific options. I like the strictness of this program, it’s what makes it so easy to follow. When I’m left out to choose for myself, I have a difficult time.

Today I chose a taco salad from the menu. Seemed the “healthiest” option froad horrendous stomach cramping.

I did skip the afternoon protein snack as I was neither hungry nor wanted to mess with the demon that was my stomach.

By 5:00 I was digestively back to normal and ready for a protein only dinner.  I did realize at 5:00 that I had forgotten my accelerate at lunch, so quickly took them then. I am not sure if that was what was best, but its what I did.

I didn’t eat until about 8:00, but I had a steak, flush and off to bed!

Day 6: 11/18/2012

I headed back down with my family to finish off my CE courses so a fast shake in the morning was easy breezy. I’ve really become a huge fan of the shakes.  Since today wasn’t an eat day, I did have jerky for snack and my family hit up fast food for lunch (which honestly even if I was eating I’d likely not have participated… come to think of it, that’s exactly why they took advantage!).  Another shake for me, accelerate and ready for the day. I felt really great this day. Full of energy and well, normal.

The afternoon/evening was tougher as we were just home (Sunday) and so were my kids. Football. Snacking. Was hard. But I made it through, had my turkey and cheese snack which got me through to my dinner time shake.

Down a total of 7 at this point. Happy happy!

Day 7: 11/19/2012

ONE MORE DAY!  I am so proud I’ve made it this far, and it was easy!
Shake for my breakfast, and again I couldn’t have a mid-morning snack as I was too busy at the office to step away.  Ran from the office to pick up my kids from school. I was very excited to try this new “healthy” restaurant in town, when we got there, low and behold they are closed on Mondays! UGH!!  So… we hit up outback steakhouse next door. They do have plenty of 600 calorie and under items on their menu, I was pleasantly surprised.  I had a salad with salmon and cup of their Low fat soup.  Although I don’t know the exact calories I am confident I stayed in my range.  Dinner. Out again!  Not that we wanted or expected it this way, but since we are going out of town for Thanksgiving holiday cooking and shopping just isn’t justified. So, Texas Roadhouse for a nice 8oz piece of meat! No sides, thank you. And YES I declined the rolls.
Salivated as my family devoured two baskets.
HOWEVER, although I felt jealous of some of the things my friends and family have been eating of the past few days, I am really realizing how absolutely aweful we as a species are choosing to feed our bodies. I mean, it is pretty disgusting just how much processed crap we put in our bodies on a regular basis. And to most people THAT is normal, fruits, veggies and meats are literally for the birds.  Disgusting. I mean I KNOW that most people consider bread healthy. “Well it’s whole wheat.”  They don’t even consider it a packaged good.  It’s baked right? Well so is a Cheez-it!
I am on a mission to stress this to my patients. MISSION!

Day 8: 11/20/2012

Last day!  No eat day. Feel like I’m just closing my eyes, and holding my breathe through this day! I want to reach my 8 pounds of loss! I am waiting until the morning of day 9. Will I? Did I?  I had to have!?!  Seeing that the office was completely booked in the morning, it made a good portion of my day a breeze to get through.  Now, when I am writing things like “to get through”, please don’t miss understand the underlying meaning.  I am not hungry, miserable or any of the like.  I feel great. I want to complete this mission successfully. I am excited. That is all. Like a marathon, at mile 20, need to push through and just get there!

Had my dinner shake. BED!

Day 9: 11/21/2012

YAY YAY YAY! 8 pounds down! Mission complete! So proud of myself.

So, here are my stats:

Body Part                       Pre    

neck                             13.5″
chest                            35.5″
right arm                      11.5″
left arm                        11.25″
waist                             32″
hips                              37″
right thigh                    22.25″
left thigh                       22.5″
right calf                       15″
left calf                         14.75″

WEIGHT                    137.6 lbs


14.25″129.4 lbs



Summary: I am going to keep going with the 30 & 90 days and plan to do this 8 day challenge again in December! Should I continue with a blog for that?  I will not continue unless I get feedback!
My lesson most learned is that first, I was a scrapper of my kids food. BAD BAD habit. Also, the temptation of evil processed foods is the DEVIL and way to available. LASTLY and most importantly, is that I can do this, YOU can do this. We need to put in a little effort to take control of our OWN health. I’ve become more aware of my posture, working on that daily now, my overall diet and mostly my and my families health I did this for me, but it is most definitely effecting everyone in my entire household lives now! Good bye Cheez-its! You are no more.

Good luck to you all. If you want to venture on your own, or in my same path, regardless, I promise I’d love to support you and help you in anyway I can!


  1. Are you still using this? Curious because the program is a bit different now.

    1. No we are not using this product any longer!

  2. Can I buy just the 8 day meal plan

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